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Our Story

Hi, I’m Jacob Force, and I founded Foundation Assure to help families across the country in the event of a foundation collapse.

I was born in the small town of Pekin, Illinois, in 1991. When I was around eight years old, I was with my father when working with an elderly couple. I remember being with him when he told the elderly couple that there was nothing, he could do for them. On our way home, I asked my dad why the elderly lady was crying. My father told me that her foundation had collapsed, leaving her unable to live in her home and without money to fix the foundation.

When I was older, I began working with my father at Force Masonry, a local masonry company in Pekin, IL. In my time working with and overseeing many projects, I have learned that a foundation collapse is not only more common than I once thought, but it is much more expensive to fix than I thought as well. On average, repairing a collapsed foundation wall will cost tens of thousands of dollars. In my position, it is hard to walk away from a family in need when they cannot afford to fix their collapsed foundation.

That is why I created Foundation Assure and the Foundation Assure Warranty. I wanted to offer a program that could help protect families like the elderly couple from my earlier story. My goal with creating the first-ever Foundation Warranty program would be to provide a low-cost membership solution that would help families recover from a collapsed foundation without any surprise costs. The Foundation Assure Warranty is a stand-alone foundation warranty designed to cover parts of your home that are not covered in your homeowner’s insurance. Yes, 90% of homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the collapse of a foundation.

As a foundation and masonry expert, I stand behind the Foundation Assure Warranty as the best solution to assure people will have their foundation fixed in the event of a collapse. Contact us today to get an inspection and foundation warranty quote.