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1. Will I qualify for the Foundation Assure warranty if the inspector finds issues with my foundation during the inspection?

  • Depending on the severity of the issue, you may still qualify for the Foundation Warranty from Foundation Assure. If your foundation does not meet requirements at the time of inspection, we will notify you of the minimum repairs needed to warrant your foundation from Foundation Assure.

2. What kind of basement foundation building materials can be covered?

  • Foundation Assure will assess and protect all foundation building materials, including concrete, cinder block, poured, brick, stone, and others.

3. What if I do not pay my monthly Foundation Assure warranty fee?

  • A non-payment of the agreed monthly fee will result in a warranty cancellation.

4. What if I purchase a different house?

  • If you move houses, Foundation Assure will need to perform a new inspection on your new property to protect your new home.